Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tacfit Firefighter CBFB started...

I decided to start the Tacfit Firefighter full body Clubbell workout. it looks like this....

Clubbbell Full Body Workout:

4 Rounds:
-Front Swing x 20 Repetitions
-Gamma Cast Squat x 10 Repetitions
-Clean to Order Squat x 5 Repetitions (Right and Left)
-Torch Press x 5 Repetitions
-Shoulder Cast x 5 Repetitions (Right and Left).
-Flag Press x 5 Repetitions

The goal is to complete 4 rounds in under 20 minutes.

The video

Yesterday I started it but had a bit of pain my right upper leg so I stopped short.

Today I completed it in 15:57

I used 15lbs for everything except for the swings and the flag press, for those I used 25lbs

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