Tuesday, August 31, 2010

15lb Clubbell (pair) Starter Package Unboxing

Well as I said on my last post about 8:50am I got a ring at the door bell and it was the Fedex person delivering my new clubbells from RMAX International. I have been anchiously waiting these for about a month and a half as they were out of stock for a while. Finaly I have my first set of clubbells.

The starter package comes with...
- 2 15lb Clubbell
- The Big Book of Clubbell® Training
- Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength DVD
- Intu-Flow® 2-DVD set
I will post the pictures and comment as I go...

Here it is in all its glory! A little beaten up but still in one piece.

It must me Christmas is August with all the snow and gifts!

A legal warning from RMAX to make sure you use the wrist straps that it comes with because the clubs could be a hazard without them and to make sure you seek proper training before using the clubbells.

The two DVD’s that I ordered Intu-Flow and Clubbell Training for Circular Strength. They were wrapped up in bubble wrap too but I figured you didn’t need to see that.

I just thought I would show you the DVDs open.

The book that I ordered called The Big Book of Clubbell Training. I think I will take this to the cottage with me this weekend to read so I am ready for when I get back. I might even bring up the clubbells too.

This is what you have all been waiting for, the clubbell. It was wrapped in a plastic cover that stuck to the urethane. It was a tough one getting it off. You can tell by the shadow cast that I didn’t wait to long to open the box up. I signed for it and out I went with my camera.

There they are unwrapped standing there in all their glory. I know these things will bring me lots of joy in my training. I can’t wait to start using them.

I took this just to show that they are labelled on the bottom portion of the club as not to mix them up with say they 45lb bruiser that I will be working my way up to.

I have to say I am very impressed with the finish of the clubs they are softer to the touch then I thought they would be and I think that’s a good thing because as some have said before if you take a ding off the head with one of these they surly would not hurt as much as the complete steal ones I have seen on other sites. This set was a bit pricy as specially when you add up the shipping costs but I don’t regret it one bit because I know these clubs are never going to outgrow me and will always remain in my training arsenal. Thanks RMAX International for a great product.

Another Hot One!

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 33 (feel like 40) yet another hot one!
Good news, I was sitting on my couch checking my e-mails and "ding, dong" guess who it was? Fedex coming to bring me gifts! My 15lbs clubbell package had arrived. I opened it up and took pictures of the process and I will be posting the unboxing after this post. I must say I am quite impressed.

Daily Intu-Flow (Beginner)
PRE: 1
PED: 2
RPT: 8

GTG with the new clubbells
- 10 double swings x3
- 5 double swings to torch
- some 2 arm presses not sure how many

I did my Intu-Flow straight from my new DVD that I got today. Followed along and it felt good. I woke up with a really bad headache today. Amazingly enough after doing the Beginner Intu-Flow it was almost gone. I felt great after the session it's amazing what a little joint mobility will do. It's strange that I had a headache like that because a while back I went to the doctor about the same kind of thing. He is getting me to do an MRI for it in October but thinks everything is alright. He just wants to be sure. I have not had a headache like that since last time a saw him. I hope they are not coming back again.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Intu-Flow Session

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 33 (feel like 39) *Man it's going to be a hot one!

TACFIT Commando - Intu-Flow
RPE: 1
RPD: 1
PRT: 9

Weather Update - it is now 40 so it's 103 degrees. That is insane! I am glad I have A/C that's all I can say

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prasara Yoga "Flow Beyond Thought" Review

Well let me start out by saying that I have never done a review like this before and I don't plan on making this lengthy, just short and to the point.

Being a novas to Yoga in general it's hard to know where to begin. I have heard a lot of people say that if you want to get into Prasara Yoga to get Prasara Premier 2.0. Some have told me that the above Prasara book is a good way to see how the flows go and that it gives you a good idea of where Prasara came from.

I decided to pick up the book from Amazon because my wife was ordering some books of her own anyways and we had free shipping so I thought it was a good opportunity to order it.

After reading the book I felt that I had a good understanding of what Prasara Yoga means and how it progresses from Asana to Vinyasa and ultimatley to Prasara flows. There were some words in sections of the book that I didn't always understand being new to Yoga however I felt like I got the point of it.

The book describes how to learn the Flows in an easy three step process. It also gives step by step instructions of each pose in each flow by number. The pictures of the poses are clear and big enough that you can easily follow along while having the book open to the side of your mat.

All and all I would say that the book is organized and written well however the issue that I have is that some of the poses in the flows are very difficult for a beginner to do and there is no real progressive instruction for each pose/flow. I guess this is where Prasara Premier 2.0 would come in handy for someone like me. I don't however regret buying the book because I feel I have a better understanding of where and how Prasara came to.

I feel it was a great read if you are interested in the CST philosophy and are a fan of Coach Sonnon.

Intu-Flow and reading Free To Move

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 30 (feel like 33) * Yet another beautiful day and another 12 hour work day.

TACFIT Commando - Intu-Flow
RPE: 1
RPD: 1
PRT: 9

Didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked last night but that was my own fault. I will catch up though.

I finished my Prasara Yoga book last evening but I am going to wright a little review on that on a seperate post later today.

Today I am reading some of my "Free to Move with the Intu-Flow Longeveity System" book by Scott Sonnon of RMAX/CST as well.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early Morning Intu-Flow

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 28 (feel like 34) *Beautiful Day

Today is a workday for me that means 12hr shift 6:30hrs - 1830hrs. Right now because I am still recovering my knee I just did some no impact work.

TACFIT Commando - Intu-Flow
RPE: 1-2
RPD: 1-2
PRT: 9

I might do Prasara tonight depending on how I feel.

I have officially started reading the Prasara Yoga (Flow Beyond Thought) book that I ordered off Amazon the other week. I will let you know what I think of it once I finish.

I think ultimately what I will do is get Prasara Premier 2.0 but that might not be for quite a while so I thought I might as well get the book the wrap my head around Prasara and what if has to offer.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Biggest Loser Competition

I forgot to post that my wife's work is doing a Biggest Loser competition and although I don't like the name all the much I thought hey I could lose a few pounds. Here is how the competition goes. Everyone throws in $20. There is 7 people "playing" so that's $140 total. The winner gets the pot and the rest of the contestants have to take the winner out for dinner. The competition started Augusta 25th and ends November 25th. They go by percentage of body weight so it fair to everyone playing.

I weighed in at 6"1' 213lbs. I think ideally I would like to be about 190lbs. I have quite a bit of muscle so it will be interesting to try to keep my mass but lose the fat. I am hoping Tacfit Commando will help me with that. It is nice to have a competition like this to keep me motivated and my head in the game. I have been about 210lbs for around a year now so it will be interesting to see how well I can do.

It's a Beautiful Day

TACFIT Commando – Prasara Yoga

RPE: 2
RPD: 2
RPT: 8-9

Jog/Walk 5km

Today I decided to do the Commando prescribed Prasara Yoga. It wasn't a bad session however I can't really tell that I have lost some of the ability that I had before to keep myself in pose. I guess the tension has gotten worse since hurting my knee and taking time off. I did Commando prescribed Intu-Flow on my off time but I guess that wasn't quite enough.

It is a beautiful 22 degrees and sunny here so I decided because it was so beautiful day I would go for a jog. I have not gone jogging in quite a while and miss it a little bit. I quickly learned that I have lost some of my stamina that I had before when I was training for my police ATS testing. I jogged for about 2.5km and walked the rest of the 2.5km. All and all it was a nice time spend outdoors so I can't complain.

I may take my Golden Retriever Charlie out to the dog park later, we will see.
I am thinking about adding some videos and pictures to the blog as time goes on. I have ordered the 15lbs blubbell starter bundle from RMAX that consists of...

- Two 15lbs clubbells
- The Big Book of Clubbell Training
- Clubbell Training for Circular Strength Training
- Intu-Flow 2-set DVD

I think I might start by doing an “unboxing” of this because I don’t think anyone has done it and I know people like the unboxings. We will see.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

TACFIT Commando and Bush Removal

This is my first post on my blog but there will be many more to come. I am mainley doing this to keep track of my workouts for the years to come. This way I can look back on it an see what I have done and how I change things yada yada yada.

I have had an issue with my left knee and have been recovering for about two weeks now I am about 90% right now and hope to be 100% with in two mew weeks.

This is what I did today...

TACFIT Commando Recruit: Level 2

Intu-Flow® Warmup
Prasara Cooldown

RPE: 5-6
RPD: 2-3
RPT: 7

I did the Recruit 2 workout today but didn't keep score I was just testing the waters with the knee to see how things went. I think they went pretty well but I can tell that this Recruit 2 program is going to be a tough one for me. That's ok because I like that challenge...

Lunge Twist - (I started off with a normal lunge from Recruit 1 because my coach told me not to put too much strain on the knee. After two rounds I started with the lunge twist and I must say I didn't feel any strain on my knee in this one.

Revolving Table - I can tell that I am going to have a bit of a challenge remembering what hand to start with on this one. I was getting confused at first but I started to get it by the end of the 8 rounds. My knee was a little sore when I come up into the deep squat position but it was not pain that would stop me from doing it.

Scorpion Crucifix - this one is interesting, I have to make sure I keep checking my form. My left leg goes over not problem but my right leg I can feel a bit of a tug in the knee. It’s strange because it's not the injured one. I can really feel it in my outer quads when doing this exercise.

Bear Squat - My knee felt better than I thought it would on this one. I am having the problem that I knew I would have. That is that I just don't feel comfortable in the upward dog position. I am not that flexible and it's hard to come in and out of the pose for all 8 rounds. I had to take a break through one round. It needs some work.

Rocca Forearm - Same as above I had to take two breaks on this one because my shoulders started to feel "week" and I really don't need another injury. I think this was the hardest exercise in Recruit 2.

Bridge Clap - This one wasn't so bad but it was harder than I thought it was going to be to do it for 8 rounds. No issue with the knee on this one at all.
This I hope to get out of Recruit #2 is my downward dog flexibility and my flexibility all together. I think doing enough bear squats and rocca forearms will help with this.

I also took out three bushes today from my backyard man what a workout that was. I had the shuvels, axe, hatchet and rake going. I felt like I got in a great workout today between Commando and the bushes I'm beat.