Tuesday, August 31, 2010

15lb Clubbell (pair) Starter Package Unboxing

Well as I said on my last post about 8:50am I got a ring at the door bell and it was the Fedex person delivering my new clubbells from RMAX International. I have been anchiously waiting these for about a month and a half as they were out of stock for a while. Finaly I have my first set of clubbells.

The starter package comes with...
- 2 15lb Clubbell
- The Big Book of Clubbell® Training
- Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength DVD
- Intu-Flow® 2-DVD set
I will post the pictures and comment as I go...

Here it is in all its glory! A little beaten up but still in one piece.

It must me Christmas is August with all the snow and gifts!

A legal warning from RMAX to make sure you use the wrist straps that it comes with because the clubs could be a hazard without them and to make sure you seek proper training before using the clubbells.

The two DVD’s that I ordered Intu-Flow and Clubbell Training for Circular Strength. They were wrapped up in bubble wrap too but I figured you didn’t need to see that.

I just thought I would show you the DVDs open.

The book that I ordered called The Big Book of Clubbell Training. I think I will take this to the cottage with me this weekend to read so I am ready for when I get back. I might even bring up the clubbells too.

This is what you have all been waiting for, the clubbell. It was wrapped in a plastic cover that stuck to the urethane. It was a tough one getting it off. You can tell by the shadow cast that I didn’t wait to long to open the box up. I signed for it and out I went with my camera.

There they are unwrapped standing there in all their glory. I know these things will bring me lots of joy in my training. I can’t wait to start using them.

I took this just to show that they are labelled on the bottom portion of the club as not to mix them up with say they 45lb bruiser that I will be working my way up to.

I have to say I am very impressed with the finish of the clubs they are softer to the touch then I thought they would be and I think that’s a good thing because as some have said before if you take a ding off the head with one of these they surly would not hurt as much as the complete steal ones I have seen on other sites. This set was a bit pricy as specially when you add up the shipping costs but I don’t regret it one bit because I know these clubs are never going to outgrow me and will always remain in my training arsenal. Thanks RMAX International for a great product.


morazi said...

Nice! Congrats on the new purchase.

I noticed you did a quick workout with them this morning. Are you finding 15 lbs fairly manageable?

Brian said...

Morazi, Thanks they are nice! I am glad I didn't go lighter and I am also glad I didn't go heavier. They seem like the perfect weight to start with. I consider myself a pretty strong guy but I wouldn't brag about my strength. I think 15lb is a good weight for someone who would consider themselves somewhat fit.

Deanmc said...

Awesome! 15's will serve you well. I have every weight except the 45 and let me tell you, the jump to double 20's is pretty significant. Get used to your 15's. Once you can do a Trial by Fire with them you should be able to try a pair of 20's. Take your time getting there and enjoy the journey.

Brian said...

Dean, thanks I am really enjoying them. I did some work with them today and really enjoyed myself. The only thing I am finding is that my hands get sweaty and it makes the clubs slip a bit. I am thinking about getting some chalk. I am thinking I am going to start by doing a program from the Clubbell Black Book and go from there. They will be hard to really train with them in the winter because I have low ceilings in the basement and it will be too cold to training outside with them. But I have until about November to train with them outside so that should be a good start.

morazi said...

I couldn't resist any longer. I have the same set on its way. Should be hear tomorrow or Friday. I probably have the same challenges as you do. Even with not too low ceilings, I think it will be a pretty big challenge to swing the bells in the house (esp with the little guys around).

I look forward to seeing how we both do on them!

Brian said...

Morazi, you wont regreat the decision. I am enjoying mine already!