Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Hot One!

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 33 (feel like 40) yet another hot one!
Good news, I was sitting on my couch checking my e-mails and "ding, dong" guess who it was? Fedex coming to bring me gifts! My 15lbs clubbell package had arrived. I opened it up and took pictures of the process and I will be posting the unboxing after this post. I must say I am quite impressed.

Daily Intu-Flow (Beginner)
PRE: 1
PED: 2
RPT: 8

GTG with the new clubbells
- 10 double swings x3
- 5 double swings to torch
- some 2 arm presses not sure how many

I did my Intu-Flow straight from my new DVD that I got today. Followed along and it felt good. I woke up with a really bad headache today. Amazingly enough after doing the Beginner Intu-Flow it was almost gone. I felt great after the session it's amazing what a little joint mobility will do. It's strange that I had a headache like that because a while back I went to the doctor about the same kind of thing. He is getting me to do an MRI for it in October but thinks everything is alright. He just wants to be sure. I have not had a headache like that since last time a saw him. I hope they are not coming back again.

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