Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prasara Yoga "Flow Beyond Thought" Review

Well let me start out by saying that I have never done a review like this before and I don't plan on making this lengthy, just short and to the point.

Being a novas to Yoga in general it's hard to know where to begin. I have heard a lot of people say that if you want to get into Prasara Yoga to get Prasara Premier 2.0. Some have told me that the above Prasara book is a good way to see how the flows go and that it gives you a good idea of where Prasara came from.

I decided to pick up the book from Amazon because my wife was ordering some books of her own anyways and we had free shipping so I thought it was a good opportunity to order it.

After reading the book I felt that I had a good understanding of what Prasara Yoga means and how it progresses from Asana to Vinyasa and ultimatley to Prasara flows. There were some words in sections of the book that I didn't always understand being new to Yoga however I felt like I got the point of it.

The book describes how to learn the Flows in an easy three step process. It also gives step by step instructions of each pose in each flow by number. The pictures of the poses are clear and big enough that you can easily follow along while having the book open to the side of your mat.

All and all I would say that the book is organized and written well however the issue that I have is that some of the poses in the flows are very difficult for a beginner to do and there is no real progressive instruction for each pose/flow. I guess this is where Prasara Premier 2.0 would come in handy for someone like me. I don't however regret buying the book because I feel I have a better understanding of where and how Prasara came to.

I feel it was a great read if you are interested in the CST philosophy and are a fan of Coach Sonnon.

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