Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

TACFIT Commando – Prasara Yoga

RPE: 2
RPD: 2
RPT: 8-9

Jog/Walk 5km

Today I decided to do the Commando prescribed Prasara Yoga. It wasn't a bad session however I can't really tell that I have lost some of the ability that I had before to keep myself in pose. I guess the tension has gotten worse since hurting my knee and taking time off. I did Commando prescribed Intu-Flow on my off time but I guess that wasn't quite enough.

It is a beautiful 22 degrees and sunny here so I decided because it was so beautiful day I would go for a jog. I have not gone jogging in quite a while and miss it a little bit. I quickly learned that I have lost some of my stamina that I had before when I was training for my police ATS testing. I jogged for about 2.5km and walked the rest of the 2.5km. All and all it was a nice time spend outdoors so I can't complain.

I may take my Golden Retriever Charlie out to the dog park later, we will see.
I am thinking about adding some videos and pictures to the blog as time goes on. I have ordered the 15lbs blubbell starter bundle from RMAX that consists of...

- Two 15lbs clubbells
- The Big Book of Clubbell Training
- Clubbell Training for Circular Strength Training
- Intu-Flow 2-set DVD

I think I might start by doing an “unboxing” of this because I don’t think anyone has done it and I know people like the unboxings. We will see.



morazi said...

Awesome! My mouse has been hovering over that same package. I'm only slightly paranoid about the idea of having 2 15 lb clubbells around my 1.5 and 3.5 year old boys, but we'll see.

It will be really interesting to follow your results with the clubbells. I've been stuck in analysis paralysis mode between a few new toy ideas (sandbag, parallelettes, a suspension trainer, clubbells, kettlebells, or maybe just a DIY slosh tube)... Decisions, decisions.

Brian said...

Morazi, I'm sorry I missed your comment. I don't know what happened. I guess you really would have to be really careful around you boys that's for sure. Although I hear they have a rubber coating on them so worst case just tell them to walk it off ;) jk.

I like the mouse hovering comment that's what I was like when it they were out of stock. I kept checking back to see if anything had changed. It was driving me nuts. Now it the waiting for the package! I keep checking that Fedex tracking number it should be here Tuesday or Wednesday if it does not get help up by customs :S. I am hoping that they will understand what they are used for other wise they could be held up there.

I will just cross my fingers.