Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early Morning Intu-Flow

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 28 (feel like 34) *Beautiful Day

Today is a workday for me that means 12hr shift 6:30hrs - 1830hrs. Right now because I am still recovering my knee I just did some no impact work.

TACFIT Commando - Intu-Flow
RPE: 1-2
RPD: 1-2
PRT: 9

I might do Prasara tonight depending on how I feel.

I have officially started reading the Prasara Yoga (Flow Beyond Thought) book that I ordered off Amazon the other week. I will let you know what I think of it once I finish.

I think ultimately what I will do is get Prasara Premier 2.0 but that might not be for quite a while so I thought I might as well get the book the wrap my head around Prasara and what if has to offer.


Deanmc said...

Hey Brian, have you done much yoga? If not, the primer would probably be a better place to start because there are 3 different variations of each flow. Each one is broken down in great detail. Coach Sonnon's book and DVD's are awesome but if this is your first venture into yoga I think you would get more out of the primer as a starting point.

Brian said...

Dean, thanks for the reply. I have dabbled in it a little bit but truly I am a yoga beginner. I do want to get Prasara Primer 2.0 but right now I have so much with commando and what not that I am not sure how I want to work it in yet. I got the Prasara book along with the Free to Move book from Amazon when my wife got her books because it was free shipping and each book was only around $12. So I thought hell you can't beat that price and picked them up. I figure it will give me an idea of what direction I am heading in but when I truly start Prasara I think I will get Premier.

morazi said...

I don't have direct experience with Coach Sonnon's book or DVD (though they are on my list & I'm sure they are great products), but I thought I would dogpile on Dean's thoughts on Primer 2.0 to give it a big thumbs up!

I have done a bit of yoga in the past, but not anything close to the Prasara stuff (aside from what was included in TFC) but I feel pretty new to the Prasara style/form/method. I've only worked through most of the beginner flows in the Primer, but watched the all the levels for all the flows. Great level of detail, broken down into manageable bits and it really does seem spot on in terms of offering a great progression. I personally can't wait to move up the ranks of sophistication.

Brian said...

Morazi, I just finished the Prasara book and it was good but as Dean said it's not the best for someone just starting out.

I know myself that my flexibility is not where I would like to be and need to work on it because I can even do some of the moves in the book.

That being said I know that Primer has progression and I think that's what I need. I do not regret getting the book though because I learned a lot about Yoga in general and the true progression of Prasara going from Asana to Vinyasa to Prasara. It's all about breathing.

morazi said...

That's good to know. I have a ton of rmax stuff 'on the list' and it is mostly a matter of ordering for me personally in terms of when to get it and when I feel like I am ready to digest more info. I've been impressed by the materials I've gotten from the various CST coaches I've gotten materials from so far and I don't really think that will change as I branch out more and more. I'm glad you are finding the same!

Brian said...

Ya I have only been around the system for a few months now but I am blown away by the time these guys put in to make great programs and to help out where they can. I have a good feeling about CST and where it is going. I am excited to learn and grow with them.