Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TACFIT Whiskey

Tacfit Whickey @ Delta level

That was a great session! It feels good to be back in the gym. My last day was Friday morning so it's been a while.

Good news I am down to 198lbs. I am very happy with myself for that but I have to keep going and when I get to where I am comfortable I have to learn to maintain. My lifestyle has changed a lot since being 260lbs however there are still adjustments that have to be made. My biggest thing is indulgences. I like my sweets and when I'm having something sweet I like a lot of it. Cake is my biggest weakness.

Getting ready to have the weekend off and to spend some quality time with my wife. That has been lacking as of late do to all the overtime and stresses from work. It is out anniversary on the 27th and we are leaving on the 26th for an over night trip downtown Toronto. I can't say I will watch my diet to much during that time however when I get back it back to the grind stone.


morazi said...

Outstanding progress! It is really nice to be able to take that big step back and think 260->198.

Enjoy Toronto with your wife! Have some fun and go a little nuts, but not too much (easier said than done).

Brian said...

Yes mike when you put it into perspective that way i have come a long way. It's easy to lose focus from the past when your so concentrated on what your working towards. I have made a pact with my self that I'm going to make a change by the end of the summer. I want to get rid of my excess fat so I have a solid foundation to pack on some muscle.