Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well, I have been in the same places but I haven't found a lot of time to be able to post. Well tonight I will get in some posting time.

Good news my back is back to normal. I was deciding if I wanted to go back to TACFIT Mass Assault or get started on TACFIT26. After some thought I opted to start the TACFIT26 program because I am really craving the change from day to day that it offers. I am lucky enough to have such a generous coach/friend Mike Riveria a newly CST/TACFIT Instructor offered me up the program due to some things I helped him out with a while back. Mike just finished assisting Coach Sonnon with the very successful NYPD Tacfit course. He is one hell of a busy guy and a great man to have in my corner.

I have decided to start at the Delta level and go through Alpha-Zulu without keeping any kind of score. I figure it's a great way for me to really get the feel for the program. After all right now I don't have anything to base my scores off of yet anyways. Then I will start back at Alpha doing it at Delta however keeping score this time. I have done two rounds of Alpha and Bravo and I must say I am really liking it. The change in movements and time day to day is amazing!

I am very excited today because my wife and I decided to book a trip to Cuba. We will be leaving for seven days on March 28th. We were debating on going but finally decided to book it. It's always nice being able to have the extra motivation to look trim because after all I will have my shirt off 75% of the time.


morazi said...

Nice. I'm really interested in your thoughts on tacfit26 over time. It does seem like the variety will be most welcome.

Cool deal on going for the trip, should be a pretty nice time of the year to get down there and catch some sun!

Deanmc said...

Hey Brian, glad to hear you are doing TF 26, I'm looking forward to hearing how you like it. A good friend of mine lived in Cuba at the Gitmo base for 2 years, he loved it there..... he wasn't allowed to leave the base but he said he really enjoyed the place. If it ever becomes possible for U.S citizens to go there I'd check it out in a heartbeat.

Brian said...

Thanks guys, sorry I have not been posting much latley I am just busy, busy, busy.

I am pretty excited about TF26 too it's great to change it up every other workout.

I will keep you guys updated through out and let you know what I think.

I can't wait to get to Cuba and just relax in the sun. I am pretty excited!