Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I completed Tacfit Echo at the Delta level. I was feeling a bit gassed but I got through everything with a pretty good score so I'm happy about that.

Still fighting to get my weight down and fighting off those cravings that summer brings. Ice Cream, Beer, Chips... Keep me away from the summer parties I would be just fine. I am starting to feel like my mind is in a bit of a better frame now so I will just keep at it.


Deanmc said...

Hey Brian, there's a bunch of Guys from CST Italia (Or one of the other European chapters) that have been running through Tac-Fit (A to Z) They are doing one letter each day until they get through all 26! I've been following their posts on Facebook. It seems like something maybe you might want to take a crack at since you've been doing TF for quite a while now.... Why not give it a shot?

Brian said...

It would be something to take on but with my schedule these days I just don't see it happening. Is there facebook open dean, I dot have Facebook so I can't view unless it's open? If so could you send me the link? I wouldn't mind keeping an eye on their progress.