Monday, July 25, 2011

Stretching and Intu-Flow

This past weekend has been busy with two picnics/get together. Saturday was my wife's family picnic and Sunday was my wife's work's picnic. Needless to say after running around and being in the sun all both days I didn't get in much training. I did however get in some Intu-Flow and stretching.

My left knee was a but twinggy after Saturday. I think it was from all the running around and lateral movement. I stretched it out last night and it seemed better this morning however not 100%. I hope to get back to Tacfit on Thursday my next day off.


morazi said...

I bet you did enough running around and soaking in the sun to count as at least good active recovery if not a workout.

Hope your knee gets back to normal.

Brian said...

It sure did Mike, between frizzbie, volleyball, miscellaneous running around I got in some good active recovery.

My knee is almost back to 100% thanks Mike.