Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I got in two round of TACFIT Mike the last two days. It follows the tabata style training that I am so use to from Commando... 20/10x8 60 sec rest between moves. All and all it went pretty well. Just like for all of the workouts there is lots of room for improvement but but that's what makes it fun.

I am trying to decide what I want to pick up for lunches Thursday and Friday for at work. I don't know why it's so difficult to decide these things. I have not been doing well lately in the food aspect of my life these days. I like to stay 80/20 but I would so it's more like 60/40 and it shoes. I was 193lbs before my trip back at the end of March and now I am 207lbs as of today. I am going to work on it though. I just have to buckle down and get to work. There have been too many special occasions here and indulgences there. I tend to get into a routine of eating things of shouldn't be eating. I need to knock myself out of it.

Baseball on Sunday was fun. We lost I think the score ended up being 14-7 but it was all in fun so I was not upset about it. I hit two singles with my two at bats so I did alright. I will start getting home runs you mark my words.


Deanmc said...

Diet is a never ending battle! What I have found is to try and make small changes over time rather than trying to cut all the bad stuff out at once. After a while you'll be eating clean again. I fall off the wagon almost every weekend. I'll have some cookies or some other treat but since I'm eating super clean M-F I really don't worry about it, It hasn't effected my weight at all.

It's tough when you have to bring stuff to work to eat. I think I told you I do smoothies quite often. Easy to make and pack. I find them quite filling and they are healthy if you make them with good ingredients. I eat my largest meal of the day at work. A BFS.. Big F#*King Salad. If you have access to a fridge you could easily do the same. I cook up a bunch of chicken on the grill on Sunday and it lasts me until Friday I use that in the salad along with some greens and tomatoes, sometimes I'll throw in bell peppers and carrots, whatever I decide to get at the G-store. Diet is tough Brian, there's so many tempting things out there (most of it crap nutritionally) and social events where people are shoving food in your face. Just try and focus on eating "Real" food and you'll be kicking butt diet-wise in no time. Good Luck!

Brian said...

Thanks for some motivation Dean it means a lot. I know what you mean about the small changes but I am starting to make them. The BFS sounds like a good idea. I do bring a salad quite a bit to work but that sound like it would be a pretty good staple. I was doing the shake thing for a while to lose some weight mayby I should go back to doing that for breakfests.

Thanks for following my blog by the way I know I have been lacking in the posting department these days but I am trying.