Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Day HIGH Intensity (2)

Today 6:20am
Intu-Flow Intermediate (I think I really need to move up to the next level)

TACFIT Commando Recruit Mission 3 HIGH (2)
-Warrior Lunge - 7
-Swing Plank Knee - 2
-Air Borne Squat Shin - 4
-Spiderman Push Up Knee - 4
-Shin Box Twist- 4
-Table Lift - 7
TOTAL: 28 (Hell of a lot better then the last)

TACFIT Commando Cool Down 3

Today is filled with running around so my wife and I decided to get in our workouts early. It's Christmas time so I guess it's a given that there will be running around. Today we have my wife's work lunch at a buffet and I am not holding back. It's not very often that we go to buffets. Then this we are taking our niece to a town close by to see some Christmas lights. We did it last year but she was 2 and was not talking like this is now so it should be fun. We are trying to create traditions with her because I feel that tradition is the thing that makes Christmas meaningful.


Deanmc said...

You had me chuckling with "Warrior Lunch"... I thought it might have been something I didn't know about from TacFood! Then I figured out it was just a typo :))

Deanmc said...

And you ate 7 of them!!!!

Brian said...

haha that's too funny Dean.

morazi said...

Way to plan your workout in there early! I hope the buffet was enjoyable and you had a good time with your niece!