Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few days of work

Monday December 6th 8:00pm
-Intu- Flow Intermediate 
-Prasara Primer
Cricket, Wind, Ocean

Attempted them but it's hard to follow along with each flow, I think I have to focus on one at a time.

Tuesday December 7th 6:25am
- Intu-Flow Intermediate
Tacfit Commando Recruit Mission 3
Total Score: 12.5
***Lets just say this needs a lot of work!
Yoga Cool Down

-Intu-Flow Intermediate
it's been a wonky day with work and I will have to wait until tomorrow to get in my CB work. I should be doing it today if I follow 4x7 to the letter but I have not been yet and it has been working for me so I will get it in tomorrow for sure.

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morazi said...

Brian - yea, I tackled 1 flow at a time. By no means a master, but if you stick with one and repeat it for several cycles you'll start to get it.