Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thoughts about my gym

I know it a bit of a strange post but I have thought a lot about my gym lately. It's about a 14'x8' unfinished room in my basement. It's not a lot of space for the stuff I have in there. The contents consist of...
  • Power Cage with 7' barbell (wish chinup bar)
  • Lat pulldown (free weight)
  • Adjustable incline/decline bench
  • Approximately 700lbs of Olympic weight
  • Approximately 300lbs of standard weight
  • 3 pairs of adjustable standard dumbbell handles
  • 20kg Kettlebell (really too heavy for me)
  • 2 15lbs Clubbells
  • 3 horse stall mats
  • Other stuff like freezer, worktable, a shelf unit with some old paint and what not
This leads me to why I have been thinking about my gym. Originally I thought about moving it around to make more room for me to do CB/TACFIT work. If I do this I will still not be able to really give myself much extra space. The last few days my mind was wondering on the thought about selling my squat rack, bench, weights and pulldown to make my gym a strict CST training ground. I am hoping I could get at least $1200 for the equipment. From that money I make off selling my equipment I would reinvest that into some equipment such as more clubbells, 12kg-16kg-24kg kettlebells, Dynomax med balls 14lbs-18lbs, rings etc. I had debated on not getting rid of the squat rack because of the pull up bar but I think I could get one that I could mount somewhere or something. This idea right now sounds great in my head but it's a big move for me training wise because although I love CST it's hard to think about getting rid of the other equipment for good. I do feel however that I am growing and will continue to grow with CST. It will be interesting trying to sell the equipment plus it's not the easiest stuff to take down and move out. It is not something I can jump to right away but that's whats floating in my head right now.

The reason why I am posting this is because I would opinions. What would do you think? What would you do?


Unknown said...

Brian, I kept my olympic bar and weights just for those days when i feel like I need to do a pull. I don't have rings but use a TacFit Rope instead. Med ball, I have a small one, but am making one out of a basketball and sand. Pull up bar, Its the rafters in my garage. In the summer I have lots of room, but in winter a 10x10 matted area in the garage for CBs and KBs, but TacFit commando/Warrior in basement. I guess it depends on if you will ever want to use the other stuff again. so I couldn't be more help


Deanmc said...

I still have my Oly. bar too with about 300 pounds of weight to put on it. Once and a while I'll get the urge to do some DL's. I don't have a rack for doing squats.

Get rid of what you don't think you'll use again and get the things you need. You could always at some point make your own portable squat rack if you decide you need to start squatting heavy again. I've seen them made with 4X4's put into those Home Depot buckets and then filled with cement. I think I'd get rid of the lat machine and replace it with a pull-up bar. I'd probably get rid of the bench (there's always the floor) to make more room. Keep the DB's.

I know it's tough getting rid of equipment because you never get back close to what you paid for it and then there's always that fear of "But what if one day I decide to start lifing heavy again" . You seem headed in more of a CST direction and I think you'd get moreo out of some of the tools you expressed interest in such as med ballls, rings, clubbells etc...

Brian said...

Thanks guys, there have been times where I have thought about lifting heavy again. Then I start thinking about why I want to lift heavy and I come back with because I want to gain muscle. It's pure vanity, I really don't care about the strength gains I just want to "look good." Then I tell myself what have a really gained in the past from lifting. The only main thing I can think of is injuries. I hurt my back due to deadlifts and I had an issue with my head pounding after doing heavy squats. Then I look at CST and I have not injured myself once. Sure I hurt my knee but that was a result of getting up off the floor after my Tacfit session. I have been doing CST for about 8 months now and I have not yet hurt myself due to a workout. I think that might be my answer right there.

I bought all the equipment used for a pretty good price and I think I should get back what I paid if not more. What the hell is stopping me really vanity. If I stick to CST the body will come as a bonus.

Deanmc said...

Craig's List here you come!

Brian said...

lol I think I am going to wait until the holidays are over. This is the right time to sell because everyone has their new year’s resolutions to get fit.