Monday, December 20, 2010

Can you touch your toes?

December 18, 2010
(No Intensity)
Intu-Flow Intermediate

December 19, 2010
(No Intensity)
Intu-Flow Intermediate
I didn't find time to get in some low intensity workout

(Low Intensity)
Intu-Flow Intermediate
Flow-Fit Level 2 (4 rounds practice)
- I am just getting to know the moves but they are coming together pretty quickly
- Spinal rock transition to trinity squat needs a bit of work but I will add that practice in my cool downs on my Mod/High days

Today was a very busy day at work for me. I am learning my new position and today was the first day were I really felt like I was doing stuff on my own. I have the next two days off so I am pretty happy about that. I work Thursday/Friday and I am off Christmas(Saturday), Boxing Day(Sunday) and Monday. I am really starting to feel the holiday, it snuck up so fast as it always seems to. We don't have much snow around here but every where around the GTA has snow. It's like we are in a bubble. I hope we get a bit before Christmas. It's always nice to see around this time of year.

On a side note I had one of those feelings of progression with my training today. I finished my Intu-Flow and my hamstring stretches and I thought I am going to try to touch my toes. Something that I have never been able to do before. Low and behold my fingers can reach under my toes! I now can say I can touch my toes, it sounds small but to me it's huge!


Deanmc said...

That's a biggie Brian! I know how good it felt when after a long time not being able to do it I finally could reach the little piggies.

Enjoy the next few days off from work. No snow here either but COLD as HELL!

Brian said...

It sure was quite a feeling. I looked at my dog that was sleeping on the floor and said "can you touch you toes because I can touch my toes."