Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13, 2010 5:00pm
Intu-Flow Intermediate
#15 CB Compound Training
-Double swings 8x8
-Double gama casts 8x8 (not sure if this is what they are called)
-Barbarian Squats 8x8
TCMDO cool down #2

RPE: 7
RPD: 2
PRT: 8

Intu-Flow Intermediate


Deanmc said...

How's the knee? Hope it's not too bad. Take it easy on that pigeon pose and work on those hip openers Coach Jarlo posted on YT a while back.

Brian said...

Dean, it's fine now. I will take it easy on my commando session this week for sure. With the pigeon I think it was just the way I transitioned into it the messed me up. I think I might put prasara on the back burner for now and working flow-fit on my low days. Do you have a link handy to that video for the hip openers?

Deanmc said...

Here is the link Brian.


Brian said...

Great, thanks Dean!