Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back with a mod day

Intuflow Intermediate
15# CB compound work
Swing 8x8
Double Gama Casts 8x8
Barbarian Squats 8x8
TACFIT Commando Cooldown #2

Felt great to be back in the gym with some sweat. I have sold all of my gym equipment the last thing to go will be the squat rack tomorrow evening. Now I get to pick up some new toys. I might have to wait for the end of the month though because primal fitness in Toronto is UT of a few things I'm looking for. That's OK though. I am thinking about painting the wall white and putting up the tacfit charts and a white board. I really want to make the space my own. We will see.

This was my first post with my new tablet on the blogger-droid app. Now I need to find an app that will follow blogs I like to watch. Anyone know of any...?
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