Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Well it's the start of a New Year, bring it on! I had a great Christmas with family this year eating way too much and staying up way too late but sometimes you have to let lose a little. I have unfortunately not gotten in any training the first few days because of the hustle and bustle of the holiday and the last four days because I have not been feeling very well. My stomach is feeling "off" and I am feeling week and lethargic. I saw my doctor because I had an appointment regarding an unrelated issue. I brought up my symptoms and he told me to drink lots of clear fluids. I guess it sounds like I have something that is going around.

Since my last post about contemplating on getting rid of my gym equipment and replace it with a more "TACFIT" outfit I have decided to do it. I had to get over that "what if" feeling and move forward. I have full faith in RMAX and Coach Sonnon and I am willing to devote all of my training to the practice. I got a quote from RMAX 2x10lbs, 2x20lbs,2x25lbs,1x35lbs clubbells and it came to about $950, shipping will get us Canadian's every time! That was a little too steep for me given I will only have about $1200 to work with once I sell all my equipment. I am now waiting on a quote for 2x20lbs 2x25 clubbells and I think that will be more around what I am looking to spend. The company that sells Dynomax med balls and competition kettlebells are out of a few weights that I am looking for so I will have to wait until the end of January for them to come in. That's ok because it will take a bit of time for me to sell my stuff. I am looking at different options to make a pull up bar and ring attachments so that cost shouldn’t be too bad for those items

I posted an add just before Christmas on Kijiji (Canadian buy/sell) and I have gotten a lot of interest. I sold my lat pulldown and I am in the process of selling my squat rack. I will still have the bar/bench/weights and trees to sell. I have asked reasonable prices and so far I have gotten what I wanted for the items. It's amazing what some people will offer you though, I guess they go on the saying "all they can say is no." Oh well that's part of the fun in selling stuff privately.

I messaged Coach Murdock a few weeks before Christmas about possibly getting some CST lessons from him and I just received a private message on RMAX Forums from him last evening. He is on busy guy but we are going to try to set something up between February – April this year. I am pretty excited about that!

I think thats about it for the update, I am hoping to get back to training as soon as I am feeling better!

Oh ya I forgot one more thing, I got an Internet tablet on Boxing day. I guess you could say that was my Christmas present to myself. It is a cool toy to have and one reason I got it is so I can view the different Tacfit/Prasara videos when working out without having to transfer them to DVD. I was doing this before and it worked but using the tablet will be a lot more efficient. I also did a bit of modification to it so now I have access to extra apps and what not, I was pretty impressed with myself the figuring out the mods. I am pretty tech savvy but even that was a stretch for me.


Deanmc said...

Happy New Year Brian. Just a thought, if it were me I'd get 2X10's, 2X20's, a single 25 and a single 35. I have a set of 25's which I bought as singles at different times with the thought in mind that I'd work up to the TBF exercises using them. Well, that's going to be a long time from now!! Even jumping to 20's is pretty brutal. You might also consider a set of mini's or 5's (they are both 5 pounds anyway) for doing the Xtension program which is great for some extra (weighted) joint mobility prior to your CB training.

Good luck with the tablet. I got the iPad the day it was released and have never looked back. I've got all my RMAX product loaded on it plus a lot of other fitness DVD's and videos. I even have all the Tac Fit PDF guides etc... on there. As an extra bonus I've got this cool Timer Ap. that I use for my Tabata Intervals, and you can customize it for other protocols as well. I hardly ever use my desktop computer at home any more. It was worth every penny! Good luck with yours and also good to hear you will be getting together with coach Murdoch. That should be awesome!

Brian said...

Dean, Happy New Year! I am in a bit of a rush but I am just curious to know how much do you use your 10's in say tacfit?

Yes the tablet is great! I keep downloading apps and finding new things I can do on it!

Deanmc said...

Hey Brian, I'm not sure I understand the question about the 10's, but..... I haven't really trained with the 10's all that much. I really got them for teaching purposes. I have found them useful for learning specific exercises where the 15's are too heavy for me. Things like Iron Cross etc... That said, you could always choke up on your 15's.

Brian said...

Choke up is a good idea that I always seem to forget. I am thinking about getting 2x20,1x25,1x35. Either that or 2x20,2x25. I am waiting on a shipping quote so we will see. I wish I could just pick them up!