Monday, January 24, 2011

Training / More Stuff...


Intuflow Intermediate
CB compound work
Swing 20# 8x8
Gama Casts 25# 8x8
Barbarian Squats 20# 8x8
TACFIT Commando Cooldown #2
Good news I passed my physical re-cert so I am good for another 6 months until it expires. The pursuit course wasn't bad I did it in 2:32sec as a moderate pace and it had to be completed in 2:48sec. The "beep" test was not bad but the gym was so dry! After 1.5 on the beep clock my mouth felt like I just ate a bunch of chalk. It did not make for a pleasant run. I gritted my teeth and got through the 6.5 with not much problem.

I wont find out about my written portion until about 10 days or so. That's the part I have had problems with. It is hard to say how I did.

I picked up my 12-16-24kg pro kettlebell's and the two 12-16lbs med balls from after my police testing. I have to say I am pretty happy with the kettlebells however the med balls I am not sure about. I don't know if I am comparing them to Dynamax a little too much. I mean I did get two med balls for the price of one Dynamax. I just don't know if I like the quality of them. The stitching is ok right now but I feel like in time it might start to give way. The other think is the weight is not distributed evenly in the balls. It is almost there however not quite. I keep going back and forth on if I think I should return them and get one 14lbs Dynamax or just keep the 12-16. The other think I like about the Dynamax is they have so many sizes and they all match so if I want to get another few they will have them and they will all be the same. The owner of will refund my money no problem so that's good. I also made a set of parallettes‏ today seem here on Coach Sonnon's blog. I like them I just have to glue them because they feel a bit lose for my liking. They were very easy to make it just sucked cutting the pipe.


Deanmc said...

Lots of new toys! I bet you can't wait to start playing.

Good job on the physicals... so I guess that is a job requirement? was it easier to pass this time? You've been training pretty consistently, I wouldn't think you'd have a problem anyway:)

Unknown said...

Great job on the tests. I hope you do well on the exam. Training looks good

morazi said...

Good work on your testing!

Your home gym is really shaping up. So many new toys. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate everything.