Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moderate Day, Pull up bar is up

Intuflow Intermediate
CB compound work
Swing 20# 8x8
Gama Casts 25# 8x8
Barbarian Squats 20# 8x8
TACFIT Commando Cooldown #2

As you can see I got my clubbells last night and love them. I upped the weight a bit today and felt good about it. I didn't do anything crazy with the 35 pounder though. I see the 35lbs has a thicker handle on it compared to the lighter weights. I am hoping this is right.

I also went to Home Depot today and got the stuff I need to construct the pull up bar and ring mount. I think I will put another 1 or 2 ring mounts in the room this way I can move them if need be depending on what I need to do workout wise. I am really happy with the end result though.

I gained a bit of weight over the holidays however I am happy to say I am now down to 193.6lbs on the scale. It's strange too because I feel like I could have been eating better. The great thing about the program that I am doing now is I have either kept or gained a bit of muscle mass. I am really liking the mix up or commando/mass work. I think Coach Rivera want me to do a few rounds of Mass Assault after this session is done.

I am figuring out what I want to do about my high day tomorrow because I got called in for 12hrs O/T. I might just have to get up early...

Here are pictures of my gym before...

This is the now so far...

When you walk in...

On the inside wall...

Pull up bar with eye hooks for rings


Unknown said...

Very Nice! That pull up bar has given me a to do item! Did you get the Clubbell Mass Evolution? I have this strange feeling i am going to love that program:)

Deanmc said...

Awesome! Looks like home:) Hey where did you get the white-board? At an office supply store or home improvement warehouse. I'm thinking of going shoppinf=g for one ths weekend.

You are right about the thicker handle on the 35, in fact I think the handles on the 20's are just slightly bigger around than on the 15's as well.

Looking good bro! Have fun on that 12 hour OT shift, maybe you'll have to chase after some bad guys. That would qualify as High Intensity!

Brian said...

Todd, the bar was really easy to do just a little awkward putting it up by myself but I got it done. I also needed a new battery for my drill as it was pouched.

Dean, it’s getting there I still have to get rid of some stuff and move things around but it coming along. I got the white board from Staples it’s an office supply store I think you have them in the US. It’s just a plain old white board, it’s not magnetic or anything but the size for the price $52CDN it was a good deal.

Fortunately where I work it doesn't require chasing too many bad guys.

morazi said...

Love what you have done with the place! It sounds like having a coach in your corner is really working well for you too.

Hang in there and don't burn out. For my money, missing a day because of work here or there isn't so bad as long as you are able to continue working over the long haul. I'd much rather skip a day than lose form because I'm grinding myself out after a chain of those 12 hour days you seem to get yourself into periodically.