Monday, January 10, 2011

Few days of training

Intu-Flow Intermediate
Completed my compound "Mod" CB#15 work
TACFIT Cool Down #2

Intu-Flow Intermediate
TACFIT Commando Mission 3 "High"
TACFIT Cool Down #3

RPE: 9 RPD: 3 RPT: 8

Today was a good session, I am beat!

I have to start remembering to write down my (Exertion, Discomfort and Technique) I keep forgetting to do that. I do go through them in my head and I guess that's really all the matters but it's good to keep record.

I am not sure what I am going to do about rings yet. The EXF Rings are sold out in Canada so they can't offer me them. They gave me the option if the Elite II Rings however they are fixed and don't spin freely and I am not sure if I would like that or not. I am waiting to hear back from the company in Toronto regarding the 12,16 and 24kg pro grade KB's and the 12lbs Dynomax med ball. I have placed an order with RMAX for 2x20lbs 1x25lbs and 1x35lbs clubbells. They have been shipped in three different packages and should be here around the 12th. My gym and slowly coming along. I have not decided if I would like to paint it or not. I am thinking about just leaving it concrete and putting up a large white board. I have cleaned up the gym a bit putting up a new shelve for storage of stuff I had on my work bench. I will be getting rid of the bench and moving the deep freezer as well so 90% of the gym will be training space. It's coming along. I would love to get a large timer however I don't think I can't spend the money on one. Maybe that will be a good birthday gift for xmas present this year.


Deanmc said...

So whats the deal with the EXF Rings? I've never seen them before. I have the Elite Rings myself. They are fixed yes because the strap weaves through a little slot in the side o the ring. These EXF's Im thinking just have the webbing going through the middle of the ring to the rings can slide around? I'll have to google:)) You might try Torque, the company that used to manufacture the clubbells as well. I know they used to sell rings. Not sure they do anymore. Oh, and I think Agatsu in Canada has Pro Grade bells.

Brian said...

The EXF rings are a bit different in where there is no slots for the strap. I am thinking I might go with the Elite II though because they are pretty well known rings and everyone seems to really like them. I am trying to get in contact with the guy who e-mailed me about not having the EXF rings in stock. I have not gotten an e-mail back from him in a while. They have already taken the money out of my account of course. That always seems to be the way but I will get it sorted out. I am no rush for the rings anyways because I still have to get my pull up bar put up. I am going to get a white board today so that should be fun. Agatsu is a good company here in Canada however they are pricy and they are out of a lot of stock. This is the place I am getting my Kettlebells and med ball from

Deanmc said...

The whiteboard, is that one of the ones you can write on with erasable markers? I had been thinking of putting one of those up to write down the order of exercises in my circuits. Is that what you are doing with it? Also a good place to keep score of reps etc... I took a look at the EXF rings. They look super nice. I think the main advantage is ease of adjustability. Other than that I don't see a reason to pay almost twice as much as the Elites. They are pretty badass looking though! I could see myself buying them if I needed rings.

Brian said...

Dean, yes you’re correct the white board is the dry erase boards that you put on the wall. I got one to track my training reps/sets ect. I could just do them in the book and do that as well but I feel that the whiteboard gives the training area a good atmosphere. You have to like where you training right? It covers up a lot of my ugly concrete wall so I don't think I will paint it. The EXF rings are pretty cool. I ended up getting the elite rings in black. They are less money then the EXF so it's a win, win.

Deanmc said...

Cool, I think I'm gonna get me a white board for my cave too!

Brian said...

Sure it's nice to have. I will have to take pictures of my gym once I get all my toys sorted out.