Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moderate TFCMDO

- Intu-Flow Intermediate
- Prescribed stretches

Tacfit Commando Recruit Mission 2 (MOD)
- Lunge Twist - 5
- Revolving Table - 3
- Scorpion Crucifix - 6.5 
- Bear Squat - 4
- Rocca Forearm - 6
- Bridge Clap - 13
Total = 37.5
- Prasara Yoga Compensation
RPE: 7
PRD: 2
RPT: 8
Today was a good day. I went a little bit over board with the intensity though. I guess I was a little excited about starting something new. I am going to have to look into getting a new yoga mat that is VFF friendly because the one that I have is being riped to shreds. I picked it up and pieces of it fell all over the ground. It is made by Everlast, ha go figure. I have the padded puzzle pieces on the floor as well but they just don't cut it with some moves where I feel I need a really sticky surface. 


Deanmc said...

Brian. Try They have good prices on mats and have bigger sizes than I've seen anywhere else. I know what you mean about going overboard on the moderate days... I do that a lot too. I have to keep reminding myself to turn the intensity down a notch or two.

Brian said...

Dean, I remember you mentioning that to me before. Do the mats hold up well to VFF's? I was debating on asking for a Manduka matt that is sold at lululemon for Christmas. They are expensive but very heavy duty. Apparently they are they best mats out there. I only have one issue, The size for prasara but I do also have my puzzle mats too. The only complaint people have with the manduka mat is the weight but I wont be carting mine around much really so I don't mind that.

Deanmc said...

I have no experience with Manduka but I have heard they are great. I usually train in bare feet so I'm not sure how VFF's would effect them but my guess is they would wear out a little quicker because the sole of the VFF is harder than the mat.