Monday, November 1, 2010

No Intensity Day / TFCDO Recruit #2 Practice

Today's temperature was that first day in the negative. It is -1 this morning and sunny. Winter is coming that's for sure

Intu-Flow Intermediate

I practiced Tacfit Commando Recruit 2 mission today just to get the feel for the moves.

Lunge Twist
Revolving Table
Scorpion Crucifix
Bear Squat
Rocca Forearm
Bridge Clap

My arms are going to take a beating on this cycle but that's alright I can use a beating. I am hoping that change of pace and turning up of the heart rate in the 20/10 Tabata cycle is what I need to kick my weight loss into high gear.

Today I will be meeting with the Sports Medicine Doctor to look at my keep so we will see what they say about it. My guess is they wont do anything until they get my x-ray and ultra sound.

4:25pm **UPDATE**

So I went to see my Sport Medicine Doctor and good news she seems to think that I didn`t tare my meniscus like the Physiotherapist though. She thinks that my I.T. Band along with my hamstrings are tight and that`s what is causing the discomfort. She thinks that if I stretch it out enough the pain should go away. She cleared me for all physical activity so that means I am able to jog again. The reason why I would to jog is because I have my police physical coming up in January. I have do a shuttle run so I want to get back in the routine of jogging. I am not sure how I am going to fit this in with my Tacfit but I think I will just do a light jog on my ``Mod`` days and a more strenuous jog on my ``High`` days.


Deanmc said...

Good luck at the Doctor. So you are starting on mission 2 of TFC? Have you done all levels of Mission 1? I know you said you were doing TFC when you blasted your knee but I can't remember exactly where you said you were at when you got injured. Anyway, good luck, you'll definitely torch some fat doing this!

Brian said...

Dean, I am on the second section of recruit. I finished the first mission right when I hurt my knee. Now I am going to move onto recruit mission #2. Should be fun! :)

Struś Pędziwiatr said...

Brain, if I were you I'd stick to TFC and avoid jogging. With TFC I leveled my conditioning to levels, where I have never been before.

Brian said...

Strus, no doubt TFC will ramp up my conditioning but I am still going to incorporate jogging in because of my shuttle run test. I go by the saying if you want to get better at something do it. Both jogging and TFC combined will play a roll in getting me to my goal. That being said I don’t know how much jogging I am going to be doing I may only decide to go out once or twice a week depending on how TFC positively affects my conditioning.