Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekends Work

Saturday November 27, 2010
-Intu-Flow Intermediate
TFCMNDO (Mod) Total: 48
I was interrupted midway through the workout and had to rush. I was not able to get in the cool down

Monday November 29, 2010
-Intu-Flow Intermediate
TFCMNDO (High) Total: 65
Monday was a great workout I gave it everything and felt it. I also had a great cool down session. I could really feel the tension release

Today 9:05am
Intu-Flow Intermediate

I was promoted at work so I am pretty excited about that. It's great news and feels really good to be moving in the right direction with my career.


Deanmc said...

Congrats on the promotion Brian!

morazi said...

Congrats on that promotion. Great to see your hard work paying off, isn't it?

Nice scores on both days!

Brian said...

Thanks guys, it came at a strange time for me but I am excited about it for sure. There are some learning curves to get through and what not but I am pumped.