Monday, November 22, 2010

Still at it!

I have had my mind on other things lately and have not come around my blog but I am still at it.

Intu-Flow Intermediate
TFCMNDO (Mod) 52

Intu-Flow Intermediate
Worked O/T didn't get a change for TFCMNDO

Bad day didn't get in Intu-Flow no excuse

Also Bad day didn't get in Intu-Flow no excuse

Intu-Flow Intermediate

Tomorrow will get in my MOD session of TFCMNDO for sure!
I was 196lbs on the scale this morning, weigh in for the competition is on Wednesday so I have to make sure I stick with everything these next few days.


morazi said...

Keep on it! Not too bad to miss a couple of days when life is pulling hard in so many directions. It is great that you dropped a few days and are right back on track.

Brian said...

Thanks, things have been hectic lately but I am going to just keep pushing!