Thursday, November 25, 2010

Results... It's not over

November 23, 2010
-Intu-Flow Intermediate
-TFCMNDO MOD Recruit 2A Total: 67
-Yoga Cool Down

November 24, 2010
-Intu-Flow Intermediate
-TFCMNDO MOD Recruit 2A Total: 64
-Yoga Cool Down

-Intu-Flow Intermediate

Well Yesterday was the biggest loser weigh in challenge that was going on at my wife's work. I am sad to say I didn't win. I wouldn't say I am upset though because my wife won and she did awesome. She went from 130lbs to 117.5 a total of 9.64% lost. I went from 213lbs to 194.5 a total of 8.62% lost. I came in a close second and everyone else was a ways behind. We really both won because we both pushed each other when things were getting tough and tedious. We stuck to it and I am very proud of both my wife and I for that. We went out for dinner with her colleagues to celebrate and we both pigged out lol. The contest might be over but life goes on and training will not stop.  


Deanmc said...

congratulations to you and your wife Brian. You did great. You are right, it's a never ending battle, just because the contest is over don't et all that hard work go down the drain. Take what you've learned and continue on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Brian said...

Thanks Dean!