Friday, November 26, 2010

Very good day, Intu-Flow, Friday and Happy!

Intu-Flow Intermediate

Today is my Friday and I am happy about that! I received some very good unexpected news as well so I am happy about that! All and all it's a good Friday. Tonight my wife, In-laws and I am going out for dinner to celebrate her Uncle's and Grandmother's birthday. Tomorrow we will be going to my Father in-laws yearly family Christmas party. That will be filled with some not so "good for you" food but I will try and do my best. Sunday we will be putting up all the Christmas decorations inside. We have the lights up outside but inside the tree and what not still have to go up.

Tomorrow will be my "MOD" day. I am also going to run through the full commando yoga session because I feel like yoga is something that I have been neglecting lately. I keep saying this but I really have to dig into the Prasara Primer. When I get my gym moved around and start on some weight training I am going to try and incorporate some prasara in there to keep limber and of course stick to my intu-flow because I feel that is the key to staying as injury free as I can.

...It's Friday and I am happy! Time to enjoy the weekend!

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morazi said...

Glad things are looking so positive!

I'm having the same feeling about re-digging into the Prasara Primer.