Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TFCMDO Recruit(2A) High 2nd / Great Gains!

- Intu-Flow Intermediate
- Prescribed stretches

Tacfit Commando Recruit Mission 2A (MOD)
- Lunge Twist - 7
- Revolving Table - 4
- Scorpion Crucifix - 10.5 
- Bear Squat - 15
- Rocca Forearm - 12
- Bridge Clap - 18
Total = 66.5

- Prasara Yoga Compensation
- Deadlift practice 135lbs x 5

RPE: 9
PRD: 2
RPT: 8

I CRUSHED IT!!! I have to say I am more then happy with my performance I told myself that I was ready to sweat and I did. By the time I finished my shift was drenched. That might sound gross or strange to some but to me it yells success. I pushed my body's limit today and won.

The other gain I found that I was finally able to accomplish was I can now get my feet all the way back behind head and touch the ground in the plow pose. I have not been able to touch the ground so that was huge. I am finally starting to see the progress that is CST.

I did the deadlifts today because I just wanted to get back into the feel of them and also test out my back to see how it feels when and after doing them. I think when I did the before a while back I didn't have to right hip range of motion. My hips did not have the right flexibility to hinge the say the are suppose to. The deads felt good though.

I will also be doing a 15 minute circuit of 3.5 one minute and 8.5 one minute on and off for 15 minutes on the treadmill tonight to start getting me prepped for my shuttle run in January.

Last but not least I am now 198.4lbs on the scale. Down from 213lbs when I first started my "weigh in" for this biggest loser competition that my wife's work is doing. I am in the running of winning $140 dollars and a free dinner.

1730hrs ***UPDATE***
17min treadmill run 3.5 one minute 8.5 one minute rotating 


morazi said...

Wow, you are really kicking it into high gear! Congrats on the workout, the weight, and just the general motivation. Definitely making awesome progress.

Are you doing anything special with your diet?

Brian said...

Mike, Thanks! I am trying to keep up with it. It's been busy but I am still making it a point to get in the training.

I have just been doing the same old thing with my diet. High Protein smoothie in the morning, small lunch and a good size dinner. Once I hit about 190lbs is will start slowly increasing my meals and hit some weight. I am hoping to put on some lean mass this winter.