Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day off, Moderate Intensity Day

Weather: Low of 5 and high of 16 and sunny

- Intu-Flow Intermediate

Clubbell BB swipe density cycle (Moderate)
- 11min of 9 reps each minute on the minute

Prasara yoga asanas done once for cool down
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

RPE: 6
RPD: 2
PRT: 9

Well my weight today was 201.4lbs so I was pretty happy about that. I have gotten back on track. It was a good workout today. My hands felt great but my four arms were burning. I am looking forward to doing the century test but I am also scared lol.

There is a fine line with weight loss that I am tattering on right now and that is fat vs. muscle weight loss. I am happy about losing my weight so far and plan on losing another 10lbs at least. I am starting to feel like I am losing some of my muscle mass that I had gained over last winter. It's starts to get depressing because you see your whole structure change but I have to look at it as building the frame to pack the lean muscle back on. Before when I gained the mass it was mixed with fat however I want to gain some mass without gaining the fat back. It's going to be a long road but I hope to be a new me by next spring/summer.


morazi said...

Congrats on your weight. It is just nuts how many theories there are out there on weight loss, body recomp and the whole bag. Makes it pretty confusing to know whether or not you are doing the right thing...

Looks like you are really making progress on the century. How many more workouts are in the plan before you test yourself?

Brian said...

Ya it does tend to make me nuts. I have always been a "fat kid" until a few years ago when I lost all my weight however that though of weight and how you look always seems to stick with you. It is getting better and I do feel a lot more confident when taking off my shirt in front of people and looking at myself in the merrier however I think there will always be a bit of self consciousness. I just want to remember where I came from and all the work that I have put in.

I am planning on attempting the century test on Sunday given everything lines up right.