Wednesday, October 27, 2010

High Intensity Day / Bit Discouraged

Well today was my attempt at the swipe century workout. Needless to say I didn't get it.

Intu-Flow Intermediate

Swipe Century Test 63+17+20=100 (about 45seconds rest in between each section)

Prasara yoga asanas
- Plow
- Cobra
- Shoulder Tread
- Downward Dog
- Upward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

Cleaned the whole house, I thought I would give my wife a break this week. Don't let anyone tell you that cleaning isn't a workout.

RPE: 8
RPD: 3
RPT: 9

I am at a bit of a cross road right now. One side is telling me that I should change it up to commando and forget that century test because I have done basically all the work in the density cycle. The other part of me says don't give up on the century test keep working to it until you do it. I guess I am just a bit tired of this training regimen and that's why part of me wants to switch it up a bit. I don't really want to give up on it though. I have come this far and should be able to get the 100 swipes. I don't know what the issues is with the mental block I am having. I just want keep my mind from telling my hands and arms to stick in there a bit longer. I just keep focusing on them burning and that is ultimately what stops me. Maybe I can mix commando with my clubbells some how but I am not sure how I should do it. I would love to do this but I think if I slow the clubbell training down I am going to lose the momentum that I need to get the 100. Dean if you are reading this, any suggestions would be awesome. You seem to be good at creating little programs and plans plus you have done the CST Cert so you have quite a bit more knowledge in this them me.


morazi said...

Ugh, I apparently didn't hit post...

I'm definitely not a CST authority, but I had a few ideas that might be worth consideration (and I'm curious what folks like Dean who are more experienced overall would thing).

Anyway, the random thoughts I had:
- pick up something like a baseball bat and knock out 100 a few times before you try your next century just to get the arm & brain feel for it
- if you feel like your arms/grip are the big problem, maybe take a few of the 4 day cycles and do a workout meant to really just hammer your forearms and then call it a day
- maybe experiment with lighter/heavier weights so you can get the feel for both getting more reps in (lighter) or for taxing your weak link more (heavier). Depending on the current choke, you could just change your grip a bit to get a different 'weight'

In terms of what to do next, I think really only you can decide whether you will feel more reinvigorated by the change, or will fill more of a sense of determination/accomplishment when you do get your 100. At the end of the day, I think a lot of these 'challenges' are just that. They are meant to give you a measure of where you are and give you a common goal to strive for again in the future as a benchmark. I don't see any shame in putting it down for now, but I also could see the desire to not quit til you are done, thus the 'you have to figure out whether it is going to gnaw on your or refresh you more...'

Brian said...

Mike, Thanks for the lengthy post! Those are all great ideas in working towards my goal. That being said the density is supposed to be a way to work my way up to the 100 double swipes. I am almost there I just have to get into that zone I think. I have a good feeling about this weekend when I attempt it again. Time will tell.

morazi said...

Heh, my original post was quite a bit shorter... Sadly, I didn't hit send or something.

Glad you are going to make another run at it!