Sunday, October 10, 2010

Turkey Time, No Intensity Day

Weather: Low of 5 high of 22 sunny with a few clouds

Intu-Flow Intermediate

RPE: 1
RPD: 1
RPT: 8

As you can see I updated yesterdays workout. I got it in late and felt great about it! I don't have long before I am attempting to concur the clubbell century swipe test and the ending to the density cycle. My week is going to look something like this...

Monday - Low Intensity, Work 12 hours
Tuesday - Moderate Intensity 11 minutes - 9 swipes each minute, Day off
Wednesday - High Intensity 10 minutes - 10 swipes each minute, Day off
Thursday - No Intensity - Work 12 hours
Friday - Low Intensity - Work 12 hours
Saturday - Moderate Intensity 10 minutes - 10 swipes each minute, Day off
Sunday - High Intensity Century 100 continuous swipes, Day off

So everything is working right in place with days off and the 4x7 schedule. I am happy about that because it gives me the a chance to have to best possible outcome with the century test.

I am also waiting for a pretty important news this week. If I get an e-mail it's bad news if I get a phone call it's good news so my fingers are crossed for the phone call. If it doesn't come this week it will be early next week.

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for, It's Thanks Giving dinner. I just have to get through these last 8 hours of work and it's too the in-laws I go to enjoy some great food and see the family.

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