Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkey Hangover: Low Intensity Day

Weather: Low of 7 high of 16 sunny with some clouds

Happy Thanks Giving!

Intu-Flow Intermediate

Last night was good, I ate a lot of good food. I would have to say I overindulged more then I should have but I am back on the wagon today and ready to tackle this coming week. I didn't get much sleep last night, I went to bed late and didn't fall a sleep right away. I think I got a total of 3.5 hours. I will go to bed at a good time for sure tonight though.

I am going to get my yoga session in tonight and then it's back to the clubs tomorrow.


morazi said...

Recently on the days I've thought I overindulged I'd post a small weight loss... Really kind of odd. Hopefully it works that way for you as well.

I've been staying fairly steady weight-wise lately in all honesty, just little sawtooth type charts with a little up, then a little down. My body comp seems to be slowly going in the right direction even if weight itself isn't moving as much/quickly as I would like.

Hope you get your sleep back on track. That is another one of those things Primal has made me look at and question again and think is WAY more important than I used to give it credit for...

Brian said...

It's funny because I was 201.4lbs on the scale today. Strange how that happens eh? It's like you shock your body into putting it's self into 4 wheel drive. I am not complaining though that's for sure. I am back on track and ready to lose some more.

I did get a great sleep last night 9 hours I think that will do me for sure.