Wednesday, October 13, 2010

High Intensity Day

Weather: Low of 3 and high of 15 and sunny

- Intu-Flow Intermediate

Clubbell BB swipe density cycle (High)
- 10min of 10 reps each minute on the minute

Prasara yoga asanas done once for cool down
- Plow
- Cobra
- Shoulder Tread
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

RPE: 8
RPD: 3
PRT: 9

Today was a hard one. I only have one more moderate workout before attempting the century. I have to say I am feeling confident however the only thing that can hold me back in my grip. The thing that really starts to burn is my palm just below my thumb. It just starts to burn really bad.

I felt my right shoulder had a bit of a soreness in it through the middle of my cycle however I kept reminding my self to pack my shoulders and the pain was alright through the rest of the session. It just goes to show you that you really can not let you mind wonder when using clubbells. One wrong move and it could mean injury. I am planing on doing the century test outside on Sunday. That is if all goes according to plan.


morazi said...

Good job keeping your eye on form throughout the cycle. I know it can be tough when you get halfway through and you just want to be done. I'm sure you are gaining a lot of mental toughness and kinesthetic awareness along with the physical traits (endurance and strength) that you are working.

Good luck on the century!

Brian said...

It does get tough and the last few session have for sure however it's not as hard as I thought. I mean my body is being worked over but unlike other forms of weight training. I don't feel that "strain." This is one of the things I am finding out about CST. It's hard work but it's "health first" hard work. You never feel like anything is being strained and if you do you learn how to tell if it's too much.