Friday, October 1, 2010

High Intensity Day / Some Other Work

Weather: Low of 10 high of 20 sunny

- Intu-Flow Intermediate

Clubbell BB swipe density cycle (HIGH)
- 15min of 7 reps each minute on the minute

Prasara yoga asanas done once for cool down
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge
- Pigeon

- Cleaned the house
- 1 hour walk with my wife & dogs

I am actually looking forward to getting to the 100 consecutive swipes. I am enjoying pushing my body the it's limits without over doing it. The biggest thing I noticed about today's session is how burnt out my grip and forearms were. It's amazing what going from 6 to 7 swipes can do. Tomorrow I am going to do a very throw Intu-Flow session.


Deanmc said...

Brian, have you discovered the art of "selective tension" in your grip yet? What it means is that you cycle the amount of tension in your hands at various times during your swipe (or any exercise for that matter). When in order position you want to be using whats known as the "Ice Cream Cone" grip. Pinky and ring finger doing most of the work here. And when in back position you are using the "OK Sign" grip. Thumb and pointer doing most of the work. I also cycle tension in my hands/fingers during the arc of the swipe. Start playing around with these techniques. At certain times of the swipe when the clubs are in a weightless state you can really give your hands a break. It will make that century you are going for much easier.

Brian said...

Dean, thanks for the great advice. I will pay closer attention to this tomorrow without letting it get in the way of the session. I guess I wasn't focusing on my grip much because I was too busy paying attention to the actual swipe. The swipe is becoming more and more natural to me so the selective tension is something I will have to pay more atention to for sure.

morazi said...

Nice workout, and bonus points for working in other activities as well. I've definitely started to really appreciate the benefits of getting out for a casual walk. The fresh air, some sun, less 'pressure' to work hard but still beneficial, and probably most importantly time with family.

How long do you think it will take to get to 100 consecutive swipes?

Brian said...

Mike, I am following the density cycle and it leads me up to doing the 100 swipes. I think I have about 6-8 more mod and high intensity days until I attempt the 100 swipes. It is a bit of a daunting task. I guess you can say it's my first mile stone with CST. It is more a test of mental toughness than anything else. I am going to try my damndest to get it on the first attempt but we will see.