Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work Day / No Day

Weather: Low of 13 high of 24 Sunny (perfect day)

Intu-Flow Intermediate

I am at work today but starting tomorrow I am off until next Wednesday. I have five days off and I can't wait. Tomorrow I will do my high intensity workout.

I went for the MRI last night at 9:30pm and they were an hour behind for I didn't get in until around 10:40pm. It was was pretty neat, some people get claustrophobic but I was alright. I didn't have any issues really other then the fact that it's loud and sounds like its not working right but apparently it suppose to sounds like that. I didn't end up getting to bed until around 12:00am so I am a bit tired today but I will live.

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morazi said...

Five days off should be a blast! Hope you get some fun in with your workouts.