Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Low Day

Weather: low of 10 high of 26 Sunny (strange weather we are having fall can decide when it wants to come)

Prasara Asana poses x3
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

- Hamstring stretch (foot straight, left and right)

Intu-Flow Intermediate (Really good session today)

RPE: 2
PRD: 3
RPT: 9

I had a dream last night that I was flexible. I could touch my toes with ease being it standing or sitting with my legs out. I don't know what that means I am hoping it means that my body is starting to slowly transform into a more fluid capsule. Flexibility is huge and that's a big thing I want to attain from my CST practice.

Last night when walking the dogs with my wife I stepped with my foot half on the sidewalk and half on the grass. my ankle rolled on its self and I recovered with no pain what so ever I was able to keep walking with out issue. I feel that this had to do with my daily Intu-Flow practice. It's awesome when you can see the benefits first hand like that.

Morazi - Sorry I missed your comment a while back, my coach is MikeRNY on the RMAX forums. He has been doing CST for a while and just got his TACFIT instructor cert. in August. He is going to be going his IC Cert. in November and is prepping for that right now. He first started messaging me regarding my Tacfit Commando blog on the RMAX forums and he just coaches me along. He gives me that push if I am slacking and gives me advice and needed. My coach is being coached by Shane on RMAX forums. The RMAX forums is a great place to support there might not be a lot of traffic on it but they are there when you need help. It feels more like a brother hood for me. Ryan M. helped me pick my density cycle when I posted on the forums about what program to pick. I have messaged him before and found out he lives like 30 minutes away from me but I have not had a chance to use him as a coach.


morazi said...

Very cool on the walking experience and the dream. You are putting in the work, it is really cool when you can appreciate the day-to-day improvements and general impact to your life.

Thanks for the info! I don't know why I've been so tentative about getting involved with the RMAX forums. I have lurked a few times, but never taken the plunge to actually create a log in. Go figure...

Next question for you -- I noticed you are doing asana poses more often than the flows. Where are you finding the poses and such? (Do you have more secret RMAX stashes than I have been able to deduce? ;-) )

Nice stuff on the intu flow. I've just started to get back in practice myself and I"m really going to try to be more diligent about making it a habit. My sleep has been pretty horrible lately and that has been throwing things off big time.

Brian said...

Morazi - The RMAX forums are great, make a log in this way you can take advantage of all the coaches and the great info they have to offer.

The asana poses that I have been doing I hand picked from the Prasara Primer. I attempted to pick some that would not affect my knee like the pigeon. I also wanted to make sure I got some hamstring stretches in there so that's why I picked the plow and the downward dog. Once my knee is back to 100% I am going to get back into the primer flow practice for sure but until then I will stick to these. I may add some we will see.

Sleep is key for recovery as I am sure you know but I can understand it being hard to get in all the zzzzz you need with kids to look after.

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