Sunday, September 26, 2010

Low day / Late Night

Weather: low of 9 high of 17 sunny

Intu-Flow Intermediate

Prasara Asana poses x2
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge (felt really good today)

RED: 1
REE: 2
RPT: 9

Last night after work my wife and I along with some friends and family went to our towns Fall Fair. I know what a "small town" thing to do. We go every year to watch the demolition Derby. If you have not gone before its pretty much bumper cars but with real vehicles. I have gone pretty much every fall since I can remember to the fair. This year they decided to change it up a bit though and did a motocross with cars style Derby.  they had a round track with two ramps, one on either side. They cars would drive around smashing into each other trying to get through 15 laps. It was pretty exciting to watch but it didn't beat the good old Derby.

After the fair we went to my wife's ants house for a fire. She had cooked a whole bunch of food. I wasn't going to have any however they were so much meat there I had to sample some. There was smoked ribs, smoked chicken breasts and thighs, chicken wings, chili, pulled pork and an assortment of salads. I had a few ribs, a bit of pulled pork and a few scoops of chili. All and all I thought I did pretty good. I also didn't have any beer.

We didn't end up getting home until about 12:15am and didn't get to sleep until about 1:00am. I was up for work at 5:00am so needless to say it will be an early night for me tonight.


Deanmc said...

It's always rough when you don't get to sleep for more than a few hours. Good call skipping the beers. I used to REALLY be into beer, so much that I used to brew my own. I stopped drinking totally for about four years I didn't have more than 2 or 3 drinks a year. I recently started to drink red wine. Mainly on the weekends (a bottle or two). The big thing that I notice is that with a meal the wine leaves me feeling a lot less bloated than with beer. Plus you don't have all that evil grain running through your system. I always hated wine when I was a beer drinker, I love it now though

morazi said...

That sounds like a good time. It also sounds like you did a good job of not denying yourself food, but keeping an eye on portions!

Brian said...

Dean - I do like beer but I wouldn't say I drink a lot of it. Wine I have never been into. My wife doesn't like it either so I am not sure if I could see my self switching but you never know taste buds change. If I do have wine it's red. I really don't like white.

Morazi - Thanks, I just couldn't pass up that kind of cooking. It's not everyday I get pork because my wife doesn't like it so I had to indulge a bit. I could have had a log more but I restrained myself.