Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Compression, Rotation

Well I did my hour long physio session last night and the doctor thinks I have a slight meniscus tar. She feels it is aggravated by any compression, rotation moves such as crossing my legs. This explains why I have felt it pop a few times when going to cross my legs forgetting I had the injury. She had me do all kinds of body weight squats to find out where and what the injury was doing. Man my legs were tired after that. She also did some different soft tissue massage and a therapeutic ultrasound to increase circulation in the area. She wants me to do calf raises and two other exercises (not sure of the names) every other day. She also said I am really tight in my hamstrings (that I already knew) so she asked me to do a hamstring stretch everyday. She feels that my injury is still healing and wants to see me next Monday.

Weather: Low of 9 high of 21 and sunny

- Intu-Flow Intermediate

5x5 swipe progression (every minute on the minute)
- Swing
- Clean + Cast
- Swipe

Yoga Asanas x2
- Cobra, Downward Dog, Plow

- Prescribed hamstring stretch

RPD: 1.5
RPE: 6
PRT: 8

It was a good workout day today, the clean and cast that I did was something I just thought up in my head and man it was a taxing one.

I was looking at my clubbells today and see that one is about 1/2" shorter then the other. They both feel the same weight and don't feel any different when swinging. I checked them on different floor suffices to make sure it was not and uneven floor. I am not sure what I am going to do about this yet. I will e-mail rmax and let them know and see what they say. I don't really want to have to send them in to get new ones. I know that rmax went to a new manufacturer so I don't know if they have run into this problem before.

I have made the decision to start my density cycle on Saturday. With my shifts being the way they are I can stay pretty close to the 4x7 flow but I don't think I will be able to stay with it the whole way through. On the days that I can't I will still do my Intu-Flow mobility.

I am going to have to look into a different flow in my Parsara Primer because Wind has the pigeon pose and I don't think that's the best pose for my knee right now. I will check them out today and see what I can do.

Tonight I am cooking a recipe out of the Tacfit Commando program. I am going to attempt to make the Curry Burgers. They don't sound like they are that hard to make. There are a lot of spices to add to them, this makes me think that they are going to be very flavorful so I am excited about making them. I will let you know tomorrow how they turn out.


Deanmc said...

Good lucknwith the knee Brian, it sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Those curry burgersnsound good, I'm going to have to take a looks at the recipe, I just got a few pounds of grass fed grounds sirloin from US Wellness:)

morazi said...

Glad to hear your physio has a plan. Hope it gets everything sorted out for you.

Keep up with the clubbells. It sounds like you are doing great!

Brian said...

Dean - Thanks I am hoping that my knee is back to 100% before I want to start Commando again this winter.

The curry burgers were really good I would suggest you try them.

Morazi - Thanks I am really enjoying the clubells I will let you guys know how my first density cycle goes.

morazi said...

Seesaw looks like it might not put too much pressure on your knee. I didn't see too much twisting either.