Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2nd Low Day

Weather: Low of 19 high of 21 rain all day

Prasara Asana poses x2
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog (I really felt the release in this pose, able to straighten out my back more)
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

- Hamstring stretch (foot straight, left and right)

Intu-Flow Intermediate (Really good session today)

RPE: 2
PRD: 3
RPT: 9

Not much to say this morning. Today is my Friday so I am happy about that. Tomorrow I will be doing my MOD day of my CBBB density cycle.

I had some tightness in my lower back yesterday and I think it has a lot to with my job I am just sitting more then I would like to. The Intu-Flow and Yoga today really felt like it helped it though.

After my bad weekend with the drinks and some bad food choices I feel I am 100% back on track. I am down to 209.6lbs this morning and for some reason I feel 100% committed to get behind that 200lbs mark. I should have been committed before but I guess my head was just not 100% in the game before. I am on track and going to stay on track. I will keep you posted.

10:00pm update:
I did my prescribed physio exercises

Five total exercises at 3x10


Deanmc said...

Good luck with the diet Brian. I know personally that it's one of the hardest things to get under control. I found that making small changes over time work best for me. It is a life-long battle so just take baby steps and eventually you will get to where you want to be.

Brian said...

Thanks Dean, I had made a huge diet change when I went from 260lbs to 185lbs but I gained some back and now rest at 209lbs. I don't think I gain all the back in fat though because I did put on quite a bit of muscle mass as well. My BF% is about 21 but I would like it somewhere around 12-16 I think. We will see like you said baby steps.

morazi said...

Nice! The mental switch is the first part. Get in there and do it!

Very cool on the yoga too -- it is really cool when you have those 'breakthrough' days where you really feel a release and are able to get your edge a little bit further than it was before. Keep it up.