Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excellent Moderate Day

mmmmmm... Good protein smoothie...

Weather: Low of 13 high of 22 sunny with some clouds

- Physiotherapy
(Starting to feel like it's a bit of a joke, I saw a different therapist today and it just felt like the was just "going through the motions." ultra sound, some mobility stuff to my tibia and then I do my exercises with some guy who didn't even seem like he knew was he was doing. I am going back next Tuesday. After that I am not going back again I don't think. My knee really hasn't improved at all. That will be $300 spent. Enough is enough.

- Intu-Flow warm up

Clubbell BB swipe density cycle (HIGH)
- 17min of 6 reps each minute on the minute

Prasara yoga asanas done once for cool down
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

Today was a very good clubbell day. I felt really good, my body feels good. I am losing weight and my density cycle is coming along. I am sitting here just marinating my my own sweat. It's awesome I do my clubbell work outside and then go straight to the basement where I do my Yoga and as soon as I start that first pose the sweat just comes flying off. I look down on the mat and it's just drip marks all over the place. I really enjoy the yoga cool downs after doing the weighted work.

Tonight I go for my 9:30pm MRI. It should be interesting because I have never gotten one. I am not claustrophobic so I am not worried about it but I have heard it is quite the experience. Wish me luck

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