Thursday, September 9, 2010

First True CB Session

Weither: Low of 12 high 19 with a bit of over cast

Intu-Flow - Beginner

15lbs clubbells 5x5 every minute on the minute (working into swipes)
- Swing Clean and Order
- Pendulum to Arm Cast
- Swipe

Prasara Primer 2.0
2 rounds of 60sec Twisted Shin Box + Cobra + Pigeon
5 rounds of beginner Wind Flow "A"

RPE: 6
RPD: 2
RPT: 7-8

I did my Intu-Flow in the Basement today and took the clubbells outside for my 5x5 practice. It is perfect weather work swinging clubbells. I didn't have to worry about sweaty hands at all. The Swipe progression feels good. I think a few more sessions like this one and I will be ready for the density cycle. I don't want to rush it though because I want to make the program a success.

Then I took my Prasara practice back down to the basement because that's where my matts are.

The Prasara Primer was exactly what I needed to start learning the flows. It's great with the beginner sessions because it give you the static poses to work on as well so I will do those as cooldowns on my "mod" and "high" days of the density cycle.

All and all today felt great!


Deanmc said...

So how did your forearms feel after your first CB session? I can remember all sorts of burning going on there! I uhhh have some extra time now to do the things I want to do. P-Primer is on my to do list. I need to revisit a lot of the basics.

Brian said...

Dean, the forearms were burning but I could have gotten some more work in. I felt more fluent in the movements then I thought but that's a good thing.

P-Primer is great I have gone through it more and I think it was $70 well spent I could see myself using it for a long time to come. I think it's going to do wonders for my flexibility.

morazi said...

Is the 5x5 the density training from Ryan? Can you give a little more info on that? I may have missed the format in my scan through of the Big Book.

Glad you like the Primer so far. I really like how well it breaks down all the flows into really digestible pieces for people just starting out like me.

Sounds like a great workout!

Brian said...

Morazi, the 5x5 is not the density training. The CB moves that I did are Ryan Murdock's prescribed progression to learning the swipe. The 5x5 is what I figured I would do to get started. I will give you an example of the density cycle. It starts off 4 reps every minute on the minute for 20 minutes if I am not mistaken as I don't have the book in front of me. Then the progression changes every cycle (Mod, High days). When everything is said and done your last high day is 100 continues swipes in 10 minutes I believe.

The Primer is very nice to have and I am excited to really dive into it. It is a great thing to have to build a strong foundation in Prasara.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

morazi said...

I think I'm just being dense, but I see 5x5 and think more in traditional weight lifting 5 sets of 5 reps. Combining that with every minute on the minute and having 3 exercises listed is where I am getting confused I think.

I'm guessing that the 5x5 notation is mentioned somewhere in the RMAX stuff and I just missed the reference, because otherwise it looks like a fairly normal RMAX or other timed workout where you do this much stuff every minute when the clock strikes.

Out of curiosity, how many total minutes did you work the clubbells?