Monday, September 20, 2010

No Intensity Day

Weather: Low of 9 High of 17 sunny (very chilly morning)

- Intu-Flow Intermediate
- Hamstring stretch

RPE: 1
RPD: 1
RPT: 9

I am going to physio this afternoon for my second visit. I feel like I might have made a bit of progress from last week. When I lean back on the knee it feels less like pain and more tight and a bit week in the area of the injury. I am hoping that the doctor tells me that's a good sign or something along those lines. I will see what happens today. I think the tissue massage that she did helped more then anything else she gave me to do.

I am back from physio and I was given a few extra exercises to do. They also did an other therapeutic ultrasound and some tissue massage. The Physiotherapist that it was good during the massage because a section that I felt pain before I was not feeling this time. She wants to see me next week and thinks that I should be cleared. My knee is starting to feel less pain so I guess it's working. I am back to see her on the 29th.

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