Thursday, September 2, 2010

Intu-Flow Beginner / Program Options

Weather: Sunny - low of 16 high of 27 (feel like 38)

Woke up this morning to do my first Intu-Flow practice before work and I must say I am really enjoying the benefits I'm feeling. I have a bit more energy and my joints are feeling fluent, there is no "creaking" if you will. Charlie my Golden Retriever decided lay there like a bump on a log rather then joining me in this morning practice.

Intu-Flow (Beginner)

I am looking into what program I want to follow next. I have decided to put Tacfit Commando on hold because because I want to get in some clubbell work before the winter. I workout in my backyard in the summer and my basement in the winter. The only issue I have in the winter is dealing with low ceilings. I wont be able to get as much clubbell work done in the winter because of this. The other reason I have put Commando on hold is because of my knee. The clubbell although it works your whole body it is more focused on your upper half. I feel like I can control the force put on the knee.

Coach Murdock has suggested that I look at either doing chapter #9 or #11 of the Clubbell Black Book. I must say I am leaning to #11 because it's a swipe density cycle. The force from a swipe is through the forward/back motion of the knees and wont put much stress on the lateral side where I have a issue.

I am going up to my cottage this weekend and will digest this and start the program I pick on Thursday.


Unknown said...

You will love the density cycle. The CTBB is such an awesome program, it was hard for me to switch to TFC. I will pick CTBB back up in 4 months.

Brian said...

Todd, I am excited for it. I as enjoying TFC however once I had to take time off for my knee it pulled me away from the program. I don't know why I am thinking because I had to routine down and then had to break it. I will hit the Clubbell BB hard and get back into Commando this winter.

morazi said...

Rock the Intu Flow! It is funny how a little time investment does so much, isn't it? I found it a little easy to get complacent about it too though, so stay with it and make sure daily intu flow becomes a habit.

I think I'll probably follow a fairly similar plan, doing Clubbells as one of my Lift Heavy Things days while I try to work through Primal Blueprint until the colder weather hits (hopefully November or so).

I'll keep checking in on you, so keep up the good work!

Brian said...

Morazi, I can understand that it is easy to get complacent like you said you just have to make it a part of your day. That's what I will be trying to do.

It sounds like we are in the same boat with the training. Have you put any thought into what program you want to follow with your clubbells yet?

It's always nice knowing that people are keeping up with my blog. It gives me even more of a push to keep up the workouts and it's nice to see comments. After all we are here to help each other.