Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Intensity Day and Weight

Weather: Low of 13 high of 16 sunny with some clouds

Intu-Flow Intermediate

RPD: 1
RPE: 1
RPT: 8

I am back at work today for the long hall four 12 hours shifts. I took an O/T shift on Tuesday. I am not sure what I am going to do about training for Tuesday. I only have the Wednesday off and then it's back to work Thursday, Friday. I think the only option is to get up really early Tuesday and do my moderate day.

Today is my first day at work with the smoothie. I followed deans carb recipe so we will see how it goes.

Good news I stepped on the scale today and I was 205.4lbs so I am making headway. I am not going to lie I have been stepping on the scale more then I would like to but it has been good because I have seem my weight increasingly going down. It truly is 90% diet. I have been doing great sticking to my plan and I am seeing results. My wife is down 8lbs since we went back to out strict diet so she is happy too.


morazi said...

Good job on the weight and sticking to the plan in general!

Stick with it, I'm looking forward to seeing hearing about the weight creeping off over time and your general health and energy levels going through the roof.

Brian said...

morazi - Thanks! I was 185lbs at my lightest but I was told I had gotten too skinny at that point. Like I said before I didn't have as much muscle mass as I have now though so I might look more "full" if I get down to that weight again we will see. I have a feeling 190lbs is the magic number though.