Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Off, Back to Work

Weather: Low of 12 high of 19 cloudy with sunny periods

I finally have a day off work. I was able to get some CB practice in outside. This time of the year is the perfect temperature to workout outside.

Intu-Flow Intermediate

5x5 every minute on the minute
- Swings
- Pendulum + Arm Cast
- Swipes

Asana Yoga Poses for Wind Flow "A" plus a few added in
Cobra, Pigeon, Twisted Shin Box, Downward Dog, Plow

RPE: 5
RPD: 1-2
RPT: 8

The swipes are really feeling good. I said it before and I will say it again. They feel very fluent and I can feel my body engaging where it should. I might start the density cycle Saturday. I have tomorrow off so it will be another one of these sessions. Then My No + Low Days on Thursday, Friday and off to the races Saturday. With that being said I am really going to keep listening to my body and I will stop if it's too much.

I am going to physio tonight at 5:30pm to hopefully work the final kinks out of my left knee. It is about 95% healed but I want to 100% of course. We will see how it goes.


Unknown said...

very nice work on the swipes. Good luck with the knee!

Brian said...

Thanks Todd, I will let you know how it goes

morazi said...

Nice workout. Awesome that it is feeling so natural so quickly!

Good luck with your physio.