Saturday, September 11, 2010

Intu-Flow Day

Weather: Low of 12 high of 22 and sunny calling for rain this evening

Intu-Flow Beginner

It is such a nice day here. Perfect weather, no humidity just crisp clean dear I say fall air. I know it's not fall but it's starting to feel like it. It's too bad I am working today because I would have loved to get in a CB session in the backyard. I hate to see these days go to waste. At least I am working outside for quite a bit of the day. I should really test out swipes in my basement because I think I can do them without hitting the ceiling given that I am doing them right and keeping them sweeping just above my shoulders.

The swipe progression and swipes that I did the other day felt really good. It almost made me want to jump right into the density cycle right away however I have to stop myself. I have to build a bit of a foundation, I have to be careful of this because I have done this before jumped into a workout plan before I was ready to. I need to really sit back and ask myself if I am ready. I need to listen to the RPT/RPD/RPE and what it tells me.


Deanmc said...

You are doing the right thing by taking it slow. Get the basics wired, develop the technique and then when your form is spot-on go for the density cycle;)

Brian said...

Thanks Dean!