Monday, September 27, 2010

Second Low Day

Weather: low of 10 high of 18 sunny with clouds

Prasara Asana poses x2
- Plow
- Cobra
- Downward Dog
- Cat
- Shoulder Bridge

Intu-Flow Intermediate

RED: 1
REE: 2
RPT: 9

Last night was an early night because of Saturday nights lack of sleep. I slept well and woke up refreshed. Tomorrow might be another story. Alarm clock will be set for 4:00am. I want to get that moderate day in to keep up my CB Back Book program going. I think I am going to attempt to do it in the basement though because it's going to be pretty cold out and dark. I should have just enough clearance for the clubs.


Deanmc said...

Be careful of those ceilings!!

I did my first Trial By Fire outdoors last February. I can't remember the exact temperature but it was cold. I did get wry in a hurry though! I invested in some really nice breathable outerwear so I can train all year long outside if I desire. The only thing I could not find were thin, warm gloves to use while working with clubbells. There's nothing out there that worked for me and I tried lots of different ones. Good luck tomorrow.

Deanmc said...

I meant to say I got WARM in a hurry. There's a video of it on my You Tube channel

Brian said...

Dean - It is not so much the cold that bothers me it's more the cold and dark and just waking up at 4am. The cold feels a hell of a lot colder when you just wake up and are tired. It would be pretty chilly to workout outside in February though for sure! I should really look into some quality warm workout gear though.

morazi said...

Good luck getting up and out there! I've been slowly (very) moving my wake up time a little bit earlier so I have more flexibility in my workout times and places. It is tough for me to do mere mortal hours lately, much less 4am. Ugh.

Keep up the good work!