Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back From Muskoka

Weather: Overcast right now but calling for showers all day - low of 16 high of 19 *Fall is coming
Intu-Flow Beginner
Well I am back from the Cottage on lake Muskoka and I must say it was great to just relax. I am a little ashamed that I only got one Intu-Flow breif session in while I was gone. I will not dwell on the past though I will am right back into it today. My lower back was sore today and right after I finished my Intu-Flow it was feeling a lot better. You can't say Intu-Flow doesn't work. It just shows that you have to keep up it to get the true benefits though.

Tomorrow I will start Swipe practice and decide if I feel I am ready to take on the BB Density cycle. I also hope to attempt my first Prasara Primer 2.0 session tomorrow if I get a chance to go over it today.

Picture from the cottage

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